God our Father

In 2017, we went for the first time to the orphanage GOD OUR FATHER in WATAMU.

It was an unforgettable moment, a long lasting emotion. So many children, very young ones and older one, all around mama Susi, who takes care of them with a lot of love. We immediately felt in love with the children. We took them to the beach, we played with them and made them spend a special day. We brought them clothes and games from Italy and we bought them food and livestock once we were in Africa.

During our first visit to Kenya, Chiara, a dentist, also joined us and thanks to her help we tried to teach those children oral hygiene, gifting them with toothpastes and toothbrushes.

During this trip; we found out that a dorm burnt down and that needed to be rebuilt. Therefore, we started a fundraising for the reconstruction of the dorm and we were able to give a good contribution to the cause.