Kenyatta National Hospital

Since couples of months, all over the world the only thing we hear about is Corona Virus. Due to this virus, our lives drastically changed, we have many sick people, many deceased people. We are experiencing a huge economic crisis, but luckily we also see some positive changes, progresses and with some time and patience maybe also a return to our routine and normal daily life.

Of course, to fully recover, it will take many sacrifices, solidarity and help because many families are already struggling to buy groceries and to sustain other daily expenses. However, besides this, I would like to focus on another terrible reality. An illness that has been around all over the world for centuries: CANCER.

Cancer does not have age, it affects everyone, sadly, children as well. Luckily there are some places around the world where children can get help, and can be treated, constantly monitored and have good chances of surviving and winning the battle against cancer. At the same time, there is Kenya (Africa) where children have no chances of being treated and are often left to death, at a too young age to accept this situation and now to an already dramatic reality, Corona Virus came on top.

Luckily, there are people, associations who really want to improve the life of these people and help in the best way they can.

A really good Kenyan friend of mine, Ireri Wisithsvu, doctor and volunteer at the Kenyatta National Hospital, in Nairobi, received by the German Onlus “Home of Smile”, run by another German friend of mine: Masks, hygiene products, games and much more to cope with this big crisis that is affecting Kenya as well.

During this situation, in front of children with cancer, there are people who, despite everything, think of others, think of those people who are worse off than us, exactly how Achim is doing, the president and only owner of “Home of Smile”.

We, from Jimba Care, also wanted to help and we donated money to the families in need so to allow them to eat and have access to necessary goods.

We are aware of the fact that we cannot help everyone, but in our own way we can all do something; therefore, I am kindly asking you to help us to make these children’s lives as dignified as possible. Childhood should never be tormented by anything. Children should think about laughing, playing and being cuddled, it is inhuman to see the sadness in their eyes, and it is inhuman not to have the strength due to illnesses and under nutrition. A child’s smile is a gift for each one of us and therefore I am asking you again to help us support each child who is fighting every day for survival.