Third classroom at the Wisdom School

In November 2019, I (Dagmar) went to Kenya again in order to be there and check the work in progress for the third room at the Wisdom School at Jimba.

A lot of people helped us building the third classroom, therefore, THANK YOU!

When I first arrived there in November, I was not able to do much because even if the rain season did not start yet, it was raining the whole time and everything was flooded.

After one week, once the rain was over, we started as fast as possible to work.

Thanks to Tom, our friend and the head of the works here in Kenya, who is always helping us with a lot of love, it has been possible to finish the works in 2 weeks only and to allow the children to come back in January.

In the meantime, Agnes, the school teacher, was 9 months pregnant and she had a beautiful girl on the 6th of December for Saint Nicolas. NIA, welcome to this world, which we try to make everyday a little bit better for you and all the other children.

You can help too!