Who we are

In 2017, we went to Kenya for the very first time, to visit the orphanages and the school in the Maindi e Watamu area.

Everything started from there. We left our hearts in Africa, with those children (whom we like to think as our own children) who really need permanent and safe facilities for assistance, education and medical care.

Once we came back to Italy we immediately started with various fundraisings, organizing markets, parties and theatre events so to be able to bring real and practical help to Kenya and to be able to finance targeted projects.

We decided not to have any offices nor personnel so to minimize the expenses as much as we could, and we also decided to dedicate most of our free time to help people in need.

To date, we helped to rebuild part of the orphanage’s dorm GOD OUR FATHER in Watamu and we also created a Playroom for the children, we bought a special wheelchair for the centre for disabled ST. FRANCIS in Malindi. We also gave a contribution to help build a building for the children house LEA MWANA in Malindi, as well as bringing gifts, clothes and food to the inhabitants of the village.

Our latest project is the WISDOM SCHOOL, in the small village of Jimba (this is also where the name of our association derives from), located in the hinterland of Watamu.

The school already existed, but it was a bamboo shack in very precarious conditions and inaccessible during the rain season as well: it was destined to become unusable in a very short time. In 6 months, we were able to build two new rooms and we are now proceeding to build the third one.

There still is a lot to do, not only for big projects, but also for smaller ones, that are fundamental.

Every contribution, a big one or a small one, is vitally important for them.

You can follow our PROJECTS page, on which we are constantly documenting our aid operations.

Make a donation! Together we can do a lot, THANK YOU.

President: Dagmar Wirtz

Vice president: Germana Giannini

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