Who we are

The association JIMBA CARE was born randomly after many journeys to Kenya.

In 2017 we went, in a group of three friends, for the first time in Kenya to see the orphanages and the schools in the Watamu and Malindi area.

Everything started from there; from that moment on we left our hearts in Africa with those little children who are in need of structures, instruction and medications.

Once we came back to Italy we started our fundraiser by organizing markets, events and much more to be able to help and to be able to start targeted projects.



A happy day for the youngest children at the Lea Mwana orphanage who received new mattresses for their beds. A
“In this dramatic moment, finally a wonderful news: Silvia Romano has been freed. Thank you to all the men and
Dear friends, During this time of Corona Virus, we are present more than ever, in order to let others hear