This year of school in Kenya is lost


School in Kenya stars with regular classes only in January 2021.

This decision has been taken by the minister of education Magoha based on the tendency of growth of Covid-19 cases in the country. One of the fundamental points to organize is to make sure to respect the social distancing, therefore schools will re-open only when and if the cases are in a constant decrease.

Only colleges and universities will re-open in September, but with a strict compliance of the protocol for the security and containment of the virus.

The protocol says that the maximum number of student in each class will be between 15 and 20 and that every student will be equipped with two masks. Furthermore, every school will be equipped with thermometers to measure every persons’ temperature, students and teachers who will want to access the educational institutions.

Therefore, the Covid-19 situation in Kenya is only at the beginning and the country will be seriously affected by this.

Thanks to all the donors, in this moment of extreme difficulty, we can truly help our teacher and the families in need.

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New mattresses at Lea Mwana

A happy day for the youngest children at the Lea Mwana orphanage who received new mattresses for their beds. A joy, most likely very difficult for us Westerners to understand, as it is very normal for us to have a clean and undamaged mattress. This is not the case for the children in Kenya, who often sleep on the ground in some huts without a lot of comforts, but happy anyways.

Thanks to all the supporters of the Lea Mwana who contributed and keep on contributing so that these children can live happily. Every contribute, even the smallest one is useful and it makes it possible for us to help someone in need.

It does not matter how much you give, what matters is how you give, which is with your heart.