School in Kenya stars with regular classes only in January 2021. This decision has been taken by the minister of
A happy day for the youngest children at the Lea Mwana orphanage who received new mattresses for their beds. A
“In this dramatic moment, finally a wonderful news: Silvia Romano has been freed. Thank you to all the men and
Dear friends, During this time of Corona Virus, we are present more than ever, in order to let others hear
Since couples of months, all over the world the only thing we hear about is Corona Virus. Due to this
Dear friends, in this time of Coronavirus pandemic we voluntarily chose not to publish a lot, both on Facebook and
As some of you may know, I had to interrupt my staying in Kenya in January due to family reasons.
In November 2019, I (Dagmar) went to Kenya again in order to be there and check the work in progress
Wisdom School
Dear friends, As many of you already know I will leave for Kenya again on the 7th of November to
Our Wisdom school project started thanks to a meeting with Tom, a 28 years old man who grew up in