Helping Kenya

Dear friends,

During this time of Corona Virus, we are present more than ever, in order to let others hear our voices and most of all see our help. We have continued to send money to Kenya, food and necessary needs.

Our dear friend and treasurer, Laura Tamburini, from the Lucy smile ODV association in Malindi, with her big heart made it possible to produce masks, currently mandatory in Kenya as well, and she donated part of them to the “Lea Mwana”; an orphanage which is 100% supported by Lucy Smile, and the other masks she donated to the majority of the population.

The small gestures make the difference, solidarity is a gesture that enriches all of us, thinking about others is good for our heart and not only. For this reason, we too, from the Jimba care ODV association, keep on helping the population as much as we can, but we do really need your help because even the association itself is starting to have substantial difficulties. Help us, and let’s help one another, only in this way all the people will go back at being united and truly help children who die from starvation.

Thank you.