Silvia Romano

In this dramatic moment, finally a wonderful news: Silvia Romano has been freed. Thank you to all the men and women from the external intelligence services. Silvia we are waiting for you in Italy!”

Silvia Romano was at her second experience as a volunteer in Kenya.

She was kidnapped on the 20th of November 2018, taken from her humanitarian activity n Chakama, a village that is 80km away from Malindi. For 17 months, we haven’t heard anything from her. Then, 12 months ago, we received the news that she was dead, killed during a gunfight, but her parents never lost hope. Today, finally the wonderful news.

The girl’s father, Enzo Romano stated: “This is a beautiful news, I still did not spoke to Silvia and I did not receive an official communication from the Farnesina, I still did not talk to them. Right now, I just need to think, to reason, it is a delicate moment. The joy is so big that it is about to explode, I do not care about anyone and anything else, I just care about hugging my daughter again, after 17 months.”

Meanwhile the mother stated that she is extremely happy and bewildered.

Silvia Romano also stated: “I stayed strong and I resisted, I cannot wait to go back to Italy”

According to the Intelligence sources, the operation started at dawn on the 9th of May. Silvia has been liberated with blitz coordinated between Italian and Turkish forces, 30 km away from Mogadishu, in an area that was hardly practical due to the strong rain of the past days.

Tomorrow Silvia Romano will land at Roma Ciampino and will be immediately heard by the PM of the prosecutor of Rome, who opened an investigation into the case for kidnapping for terrorism purposes.

Silvia, we are waiting for you with open arms.